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Oct 22, 2012
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Scotland, UK
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Director, Comedian, Designer
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RPM Network

Time With Network:
1 year and a half (Since December 2012)

Being with RPM for nearly 2 years now, I've rather enjoyed my time with the network, offering a speedy and friendly support along with it's added features such as the audio library which has greatly helped my content up to this point. RPM has been useful to be with, and can help you grow your channel if you properly use the added features properly. Of my time with RPM I've been offered promotional features such as the RPM spotlight and RPM showcase where they feature a channel with a video they made on the RPM channel. I am yet to use these but as observed, can be a useful perk when you use a very well made video. Payment methods are nicely done, being able to get your payement by either paypal or by a cheque through the mail. For smaller channels like myself, the one setback about this is that you will receive a cheque once you reach the $50 mark. This hasn't been any much of an issue for me so far. It has been the features that has drawn me to this network, rather than money which hasn't been my priority. RPM would be a good network for channels who are not yet 'big' on Youtube as they have their lower requirements to allow people to join. If you're a gaming channel, vlogging channel, prank channel or any kind of channel with a mid-size audience RPM Network could be a good one to benefit your channel, depending on if you're focusing on money or features.

Overall, RPM has been best for it's features over money (excluding the referral program). For bigger channels, features and money can become equal. If you're looking for promotional opportunities and features to help your videos, RPM will be a good network for you. For those who are looking for earning money, you'd be better off with Adsense until you have at least 300 active subscribers. Having a bigger fan base is what will be the prime asset for generating 'big money' from monetization, although you can still earn through the referral program when done right. RPM is great for channels starting off, as I managed to get in with 130 subscribers. RPM offers fast and friendly support support with helpful features. I've enjoyed being with RPM so far.

Support Rating:
The support has been a very good asset to RPM network, with having a speedy response time with friendly staff. If I can recall, the fastest response I've experienced was around just 5 minutes, the longest, I think it was about 5 hours with an exception for non working days. If you ever have an issue or a question, the support for RPM really does compliment your experience with the network. On the other hand, the response time for applications to sign up for RPM aren't exactly the fastest, but not the slowest. For myself, I waited for a week to get a response, but then on the other hand some people I know have had a response in a day so it's really about luck. The support is really the element that stands out from RPM as the positive aspect to the network.

Features Rating:
The added perks can be useful to your channel and help with gaining more money. When you get approved for RPM there is a referral program, which is where you can give people your referral link to sign up for RPM and if they sign up you can earn money for it which can be helpful when used correctly. The one thing that I find the most useful is the audio library, which I mentioned before. From audiomicro you can access many tracks. I've been using these tracks for quite a while now and is probably in my opinion one of the best features as it's one I regularly use. Other features include the maker max, or maker central. You can get insights to your views, earnings and analyse things from a line graph, a bit like analytics. Linking your twitter and/or facebook you can do much the same. I've never really used these features much but it could be helpful for someone with a larger fan base. The same applies to the forum you can access, I do not use it at all but can be helpful when looking to get in touch with other youtubers, a bit like what you can do here on YTtalk but orbits more around RPM related things. For people who are looking for a network with good features, RPM Network is a good option.
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