Request : Feedback On My Channel Design

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Hi, banner is my favorite for sure. I think it's cool you made your own Minecraft dude that shows up in everything. I think the profile picture would do with a zoom in so he's larger (can't really read the text on it, which I assume is your name). Channel description is fine. I'm currently asking about my own thumbnails, but first glance, I'd say they're a little text heavy, but maybe make them larger or add like a border around them so the lettering stands out a bit more.
Branding for your channel. Your profile pic is great. Your channel name doesn't pop, it doesn't stand out. You can easily change your channel name without changing anything else. If you do change your channel name, then don't forget to redo your banner. Your banner is great- relevant to your channel. Text in the thumbnails and the banner should be a different color for better contrast for easier reading. For example, a medium turquoise would contrast well with your current thumbnails. But play around and find the color that suits your brand or personality. Anyone watching on a smart phone or other small screen will have difficulty with the red text. Channel description is good. Thumbnails are sourced from images within the video- that's great! You did quite well in general. And yes, I'll be here asking for critiques on my channel after I learn how to edit videos and get some uploaded.