Renewing Titles, Thumbnails and Tags.


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Hi All,

Now I'm more aware of keywords and how important thumbnail/titles are for videos, I was thinking about going back and redoing the tags, titles and thumbnails of some older videos.

However, I've heard that there can be negative affects do doing this, in the form of re-ranking (can someone explain their experiences with re-ranking), losing views and titles appearing differently on different sites.

Thanks for any discussion or help.
Was considering of doing this as well. We once got WAAY behind on updating some of our videos information (tags, thumbnails, etc) And were considering going back and updating them, I feel that adding new additional information shouldn't really hurt the video, but yeah, curious as well.
So far over the last few days I haven't been able to find too much.

There is a thing like 'Re ranking' your youtube videos, but nobody has been able to give me concrete information which sucks, it seems like it's all "Maybe", "Kinda", "Should"'s, haha.
Nothing wrong with redoing a Video Title I have a video for example it usually got maybe 100-200 views a day. I changed the title now it gets anywhere from 400-800 views a day and it placed better in the ranking pretty much instantly.
I'd say that this wouldn't do any harm to your video, you just have to rank it correctly. In my experience, it only made the video make more views in the long term.
I'm not sure if it is worth going back on because Iv heard it was just a waste of time, I think someone might have gotten an extra view on each of their videos with the re-newed thumbnail but thats a lot of hassle for 1 view.

I say to leave the videos and stuff as they are and to start your new model now but to explain to your subs about the change in art so it doesn't take them by surprise and they know its you.