Music Relaxing music channel collab

I have a relaxing music channel with about 700 sub.
I'm also promoting it through google ads.
If you're a serious composer with similar style of music and want to collab/talk I'm open for it.
I don't know what we can do but maybe feature each other's channel.
have a chat, maybe more.
I started making videos a few weeks ago. My channel is Meditation Music which can be accessed at Since I am relatively new and I am just learning the ropes I have about 11 videos now that I have made using copyright free music and videos from, www.pixabay and I have tried creating my own music using bandlab that I have used in one of my own videos. I have also downloaded LMMS for music creation but I have yet to learn how to use it with some efficiency. For video editing I am using two open source video editors Shotcut and Openshot and one proprietary video editor Sony Vegas Platinum. For audio editing I am using Audacity. I have not started using Google ads but I am trying to promote my Meditation Music channel through Instagram, facebook, twitter and Tumblr. So, please let me know how we can collaborate. Please send me the link to your channel.
Hi there,

I'm Charles. I've had a music channel with my creations up for about 4 months now and have been creating music for nearly 5 years since January 2016. It's mostly about instrumentals and a few colabs here and there. My channel while not always having music that is chill, still has a lot of different styles within, such as dance, chill, bass, house, techno, rock, alt rock, jazz, blues, Hip Hop, Disco, Funk, Trap, Disco House, Tech House, Bass House, Glitch, Glitch House, EDM, electronic Reggaeton, Pop, Trap House, Suedo-Remixing, Instrumental Covers (Somewhat). Logic Pro X is the my prefered music maker/mixer (DAW). I don't really subscribe to any certain style, but several different styles within one song. Hence why so many styles are listed above (basically fusion). I use the Mac OS X. I am open to other instrumentalist collabs in the future such as yourself. I'm not really great at conforming a sample to a certain tempo, unless it is my own and sometimes I can't do that either, so I just improvise and let my creativity take it from there. I'm on soundcloud, Instagram and Facebook and I really promote them through instagram. I'm open for challenges! Msg me back if you would like to collaborate. YouTube channel is: