Rebranded my channel

Dayn Brian

Liking YTtalk
Hey guys,I did a review before and your comments were helpful.This time,I want to ask you guys to give me you opinion again on the videos I do plus a little bit on the side of my channel graphics(thumbnail,logo,channel art).Thanks in advance !!!
I think for a channel of your size you are doing very well, but some constructive criticism would just be to talk or maybe add some sort of overlay music since there really isn't an official video.I could see you making some really cool funny compilation videos of stuff you capture in game though. These are all just suggestions, you don't actually have to listen to what I'm saying XD.Also your banner is good it just seems a bit stretched however, I could possibly see about making you a new one if you would like. Have a great day, and keep on trucking you're doing great so far!
Okay thanks so much ! I'm the one to take any advice from anybody :D. I would like you to do it,but I ain't got the bucks T_T. All I could offer is credits on my videos xD