READ THIS Before Posting a Collaboration Thread.

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Jul 19, 2013
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What type of thread is allowed in this section?

This forum is for organising specific video projects with other creators.

The main theme of your thread must be the organisation of a collabaroration with other members in order to make a YouTube video.

What types of thread are NOT allowed in the collaboration forum?
  • Shoutout videos / series
Advertising your upcoming shoutout video or series is essentially promotion. Promotion belongs in the "videos and channels" part of the forum. ( ) Nowhere else.
  • "Looking for YouTube friends" / Looking for "support" type threads
"Looking for friends" is not a collaboration. The best way to make YouTube friends is just to be active around the whole forum and get involved in some of the discussions. More tips about making friends at YTtalk here:

Looking for "support" means looking for sub and views and that's just promotion. The collab forum isn't for promoting your channel. Promotion belongs in the "videos and channels" part of the forum. ( ) Nowhere else.

  • Advertising Youtube communities, online chats, discord channels, gaming servers etc
Don't use our forum to advertise and recruit for your communities, online chats, hangouts, servers etc.

How often can I create a new collaboration thread?

1 thread per month.

How to make a Collaboration Thread.

This is a simple guideline to make your collaboration thread better and helping others know exactly what the collab is going to be about.
  • What does your collaboration consists of?
Simply explain with detail what your collaboration is about. Example if you're going to make a video about minecraft don't just say "I want to make a collaboration on minecraft",

Include more information like example "I would like to make a collaboration minecraft (Pc,Xbox,Ps, etc) in which we will be trying to complete all the challenges in the game" Or another example "I found this neat map I want to play with some others and we have to complete the story. It is up to 4 players"

  • What are the requirements for the collaboration?
Some people like to collaborate with users that have a certain amount of subscribers, videos, views, age and even the location of the other person etc. So make sure to add up the requirements the other person needs to have in order to collaborate with you.

  • How is your collaborator going to reach you?
Give information on how they are going to get in contact with you. This can be via Private Messages, Consoles, Email, etc.

One of the easiest way to contact with someone is via Skype, so I recommend you get it so you can communicate with them better.

  • When will the collaboration take place?
This one is option since this can be talked over skype or other sort of communication with the collaborator. But if you wish to add up when will the collaboration take place, example when will you need to submit the content, when will you upload the video etc.

Replying to collaboration threads.
  • Copy/Paste is not allowed when replying to the threads. Don't just go saying contact me at "BlahBlahBlahSkype" and copy paste it on all the threads that have something you want to collab about.
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