Qquestion about copyright


Hello, I'm going to create a youtube channel to earn money from advertising. I mean getting photos of celebrities from a gogole graphic artist, editing them, for example adding a mustache, and then assembling them into a video and publishing. Is this action legal? Apparently, Youtube allows the use of someone else's photos on the basis of "fair use" If anyone has knowledge in this topic, please advise me.

but there will be added value in the form of editing, music and animation - you can earn money on such content? Can't I download a photo of any politician, actor and remake it? it's a pity because I had a nice idea .. I thought it was fair use

Thank you for your answer :)
what do you think about a niche with quotes from famous people? Can I use a bot to read the text? Will it be subject to fair use then if I use a photo of a famous person?
there are channels that make money this way. Is it about a bot? if instead of a bot there was a real voiceover then it would work?

I also found a bot that is hard to distinguish from a real lector...

Thank's for answer