Promo Banner Photoshop Templates


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Hey everyone, I thought it would be nice to post some up to make things easier for everyone designing their own for their banner here at YTtalk. I have made these and I hope you find them handy, here is a preview of the 88x31px banners inside the PSD file:


The above banners need the font CC Red Alert font to have the same text as in the PSD file and I have attached it to this post, if you need any help installing the font please ask away and I will do my best to answer any questions.

The larger 120px x 60px banners will be coming very soon and will be added to this post very soon, these will also look similar to the above banners.


  • promo-banners-88x31px-small.psd
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  • c_c_red_alert-FONT
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It was a hard job ayy?

Lol.....tho i will prolly use that silver one!!!!!!

Good Thread!
They were rather easy to make but make a good base so you can stick whatever you want on top like text, pictures etc