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True, doing things freely allows you to learn as you go and have people benefit from your learning too and you never know when you might need them for something and they could offer their help. Will you be providing any PSD file for them so people can edit them themselves? It isnt needed of course if you prefer to do them yourself for everyone :D

I am actually going to make a tutorial on how to make the simple sphere now, I am ill but only becuase I keep coughing. I held it off there and didnt cough through that attempts but another problem came up.
Not bumping this thread, but with the new "Upload a file" thing, Ima upload the .pdn templates here, in this thread.

.PDNs are not acceptable files, apparently. So I uploaded a zip. If anyone could, can they convert these to photoshop files, as in like, copy them layer by layer and put them in photoshop and saving them, I can use the extra files. That would be GREATLY appreciated.