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Threads that do not follow the rules will be deleted.

Posting a Services Thread

The only services that can be offered within this forum are:
  • YouTube channel related graphics (thumbnails, banners and logos)
  • Custom intro video creation services
  • Custom outro video creation services
  • Small musical pieces services
All other services are not permitted here.

General Thread Rules & Requirements
  • Thread must include clear details of pricing, payment and delivery terms.
  • You may not link to or advertise your portfolio website or services website within your thread.

  • Subscribing, liking videos and any other channel related promotion may not be exchanged for your services with exceptions to shout outs and link credit.
  • The general thread rules & requirements apply (noted above).

  • Thread must include samples of your work embedded at YTtalk, you may not request members to check out your channel or website for samples.

  • To embed images, upload the image to a server (example imgur) and use the image icon below or click Upload a File.

Video Intros/Outros or Music
  • The general thread rules & requirements apply (noted above).

  • Please include a minimum of 1 and up to a maximum of 4 sample intros/outros or music. You can do this once you have VIP membership or by removing the http:// and www. if you do not have VIP membership. You may only post these within your original first post and may not showcase them when responding to requests etc.

Updating Your Service

We would appreciate that all services are kept within one thread including all and any updates to your services. If you want to tell us you have something new that is being offered as a service you may do so within your thread. If you wish to share your latest work you may do so within your thread.

Posting multiple threads will lead to them being merged and a warning may be placed on your account.

If you are no longer offering a service, edit your thread title to "[closed]" and changed the prefix to Finished/Closed.​


YTtalk staff are not liable for any costs incurred due to non payment for services, if you have an issue with a dealing please work things out with the buyer.

You may not bump your threads within this forum and may only do so if you wish to share more of your portfolio within your thread with new additions or to add something of value to the current thread. You may only add one update post to your thread per week.​
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