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That is great growth token, what methods are you using to grow?
Just constant work and promotion. Being a part of the community. Commenting on other people's videos and consistently putting out what I feel to be quality work. I mean, I get some subscribers from giving them reviews through here. Others through reddit. But mostly by being active on youtube. Commenting back to everyone, ESPECIALLY those who aren't subscribed to me...asking them to subscribe as well and stuff.

Total Uploads - 16
Subscribers - 135
Video Views - 4,467
Demographic - 58.8% male/41.2% female

Damn! I'm losing my female audience!!!
I just got a huge opportunity from WickedShrapnel, another gaming commentator. :) He uploads video's by subs every sunday, and he picked mine yesterday.
I just grew 70 subs! And it's still steadily going :)

Videos Uploaded: 16
Video Views: 5,754
Channel Views: 2,304
Subscribers: 108
Demographics: Male 41.5 - Female 58.5

Steadily getting views but no subs... need better vids me thinks... :p
Videos Uploaded: 23
Video Views: 24,831
Channel Views: 30,949
Subscribers: 2,157
Demographics: Male 79.2 - Female 20.8
Videos Uploaded: 17
Video Views: 6,520
Channel Views: 2,364
Subscribers: 112
Demographics: Male 41.4 - Female 58.6
Videos Uploaded: 103
Video Views: 7,422
Channel Views: 5,181
Subscribers: 185
Demographics: Female 30.3-Male 69.7
Videos Uploaded: 48
Video Views: 30,449
Channel Views: 14,597
Subscribers: 457
Demographics: Female 36.5 - Male 63.5
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