Meet Up/Gathering Portland Oregon, Monday! All are invited!

Jenny Lynne

"To live would be an awfully big adventure"
Hello everyone!

We enjoyed our meet up this week, but some of you couldn't make it. SO! I am hoping to have another one, in Portland, on Monday between 12 and 6, depending on what works best for people. If a different day (between Mon-Thurs) works better for you, let me know.

I am thinking a Cafe Yumm, or a place at the park on Park ave. Suggestions for a better location are more than welcomed.

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Okay. How about we just do 3 again? Cafe Yumm?

301 SW Morrison St
Portland OR 97204
Works for me. As a reminder though, just because I have weird dietary choices (usually not eating until 3pm) doesn't mean that we can't have meal meet ups earlier than that. I'll either break my habit and be fine with it or just chat and not eat, it's all good. But all the same, that time and place does work for me. :)
It's a better time for me tomorrow, waiting on a package to get in (new photo light!!!!!!!)! :) And! I have been craving Cafe yumm for a while, and can better appreciate it later in the day. :-D