Gaming [PC] Rainbow Six Siege Collabs


Hey there! I have 2 friends that play siege a few times per week, and I'm on quite a bit more than that. We're looking for any players with no requirements on age or anything like that. Ranked/casual. If you can't play ranked, and want to, we can help level you up there. Hit me up on Discord. Only requirements are: 1. mic that is understandable and has little background noise, and 2. have siege lol

(14y) FrozenPickles (me): okno13#7650 // // Level 82 // Silver-Gold
(14y) OrnatePie: FaZeApex#7220 // // Level 41 // Unranked because of new season; used to be Bronze-Silver
(15y) DittoDill: dyalyn#2344 // // Level 25 // Unranked due to being newly level 20 and also new season

Please message me and add them, and leave a reply here when you do so. Will add you to the group chat when we see you meet the 'requirements' and have made a reply here! tnx bbs