New To Editing

The cheapest editing software is a pen and paper. If you plan your edits before you shoot the film, you can be a rockstar and edit in camera.
Was this gravedigging? :confused: no offense but it seems like your post didnt have enough information to be added to the topic to allow for a few month old topic :confused:
Apologies for both of your woes RatedPro. Have been trying to participate in the community beyond asking for subscribers and views. Wish we could keep everyone happy.
I'm going to take that in a way where it seems like you didn't imply that I use this forum just to get promotion... seeing as I don't even use youtube for myself anymore.

Anyway, if you want to get active with the community here are some suggestions for you:

Create thoughtful and/or helpful threads in the correct topic.

Comment on other threads with relevant and remain on topic.

IM people and start to get to know the community more personally.

Follow all rules that are in the current thread.

Those are a few very helpful tips to getting more active in the community, and with them, you can keep everyone happy.

EDIT: Also if you did not mean that I use these forums only for promotion then I am sorry, but gravedigging threads without really adding more information to a already complete thread is not being very "active" imo
Yeesh, so much communication gets lost in a text based format. RatedPro, we only meant to say that our own participation should be more than asking for people to watch our videos. People that are active in forums often chastise new members that want videos watched. In fact I've seen some posts to that effect in here. As for the completed threads, thank you for pointing this out. We didn't notice that the threads had determinations as such. Now that we do, we'll leave the corpses alone. It'd be fantastic if those sort of threads were moved to a graveyard rather than being the interesting topics on shiny new forums. Internet Distribution is new ground for even our salty dogs. If you mean to say we've been off topic, we'd like some clarification. And really, a all this fuss over a month old post? We're three months old on YouTube, relatively speaking that grave seemed pretty fresh. And no one had contributed any thoughts on planning in advance. Come to think about it, where's the beef?
I agree the lost in communication (why I put the edit part in the above post :)) All I was trying to say was the OP was asking about editing software. That was the topic. Talking about planning is fine and encouraged but, what I would rather see, is if you could make an entire nice and neat thread how to organize and plan out your videos. This would help everyone because to be honest, no one is going to click on this thread expecting organizing help, even though they might want it. But with your own thread, you would help many people. I'm sorry about the loose term "Grave-digging" but it was merely to say that this topic seemed to have been dealt with and should be left alone. However, ofc you don't have to.

IMO, I believe that to help people you might want to make a thread to how to organize videos and I'm sure that you will find that it will help more than the odd person :D

An to talk on your last point (although I have stated it a good 5 times :oops:) No it was not off topic and no the thread was not "dead" but your own thread as stated above would get alot more discussions going about that type of topic. Hope that made sense :D
Thanks for the advice. As we develop and grow online, we'll work on getting the green out of our participation in forums. Definitely want to share our experiences with others in hopes of learning more together. Cheers.
Same. And now poor thread, unless there are any objections, I lay you to rest :(

But you had a good run :)