New Series Planning... Thoughts?


Loving YTtalk
Hey guys :)

So far me and the guys over at my channel have been doing stuff with a still cam, sitting down and just talking cr@p about serious topics around the world etc. (with a hint of satire ;) ). Now I am thinking of tons of new things we can start doing. Our channel is basically all comedy and satire.

I was thinking about starting a cartoon version of Black and White, with a bit more than just thoughts and comments etc. The way I imagine it is it would be funny as hell, what do you guys think of cartoons? Any thoughts on where to get started? I checked out the youtube app on cartoon etc but not sure what to use.

I want to start doing more moving around and acting stuff. Maybe like parodies and skits and maybe even POV's like College Humor do.

All thoughts and comments would be appreciated :D thank you
Well you said there you would like to do more moving around but doing cartoons you would be sat making the videos a lot more, maybe mix the two if you could, I aint sure how that would work or turn out though.
Hmm yeah I see what you mean. I really fo want to move around and do some "Actiony" kind of videos with proper acting and stuff... kind of like smosh! But I was thinking eventually I would have a few different playlists, one for what we are doing now like comments and satirical thoughts on the world and South Africa, a bit like a vlog in a way. Another one for satirical cartoons with their thoughts and stuff but also story lined or funny parodies and mocks. Finally one with acting and skits or whatever. I need to plan and work out some more in my mind ^^.

Thanks for all the responses though, helped me think a lot :D