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What's everyone's thoughts on the new layout? I'm a person who's usually very open to change, but it seems every time Youtube makes a change, I don't see the rationale or even an improvement sometimes. The pulldown menu on the left now does not stay down. This has made rows of 6 for my videos as oposed to 5. I like the rows of 5 better. Seems to make more sense to me in my decimal oriented brain. : )

I saw a tab near the top of the page that said "Edit Layout" but when I clicked on it, nothing on the page happened other than the tabs disappeared and the URL of the page I was on said "videos?disable_polymer=true" after my channel URL. What's that all about?
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It's really f*****g slow on both my late 2016 Macbook Pro and Macbook Air and it's ugly. I don't like the new circular icons either.
I see the views counts all show as, for example, 2.5k as opposed to showing the exact view count. That just doesn't look as impressive to me. When I see a video has 1,273,129 views I think "Wow"! When I see 1.2M, it doesn't have anywhere near the wow factor. You'd think Youtube would want that wow factor.[DOUBLEPOST=1488428778,1488428538][/DOUBLEPOST]I think the home page is an improvement. I like how the feature video is more prominently displayed and I like that more videos per playlist show. I think it's all more visually appealling than the previous home page. Only the abbreviated view counts are a negative to me on the home page.
Hi! I've recently logged in my second unused yt account and I found out that fancy new look (photo attached). How can I switch my main account to that new design? I haven't done anything to my second account. Thx in advance
I still got nothing, I wonder when it will come out for everyone and the playlist things as well!