Network or no Network?

I have no idea who that is, but I disagree with him. If you want a partnership, you go apply for one. There are only benefits, except that you are binded for 2-3 years (If you become partner with Fullscreen). I say you go apply if you want one!

Did you get in thru Fullscreen or Creator X?
Fullscreen. They wanted me, I never applied.

At least they wanted you. We applied to Fullscreen last summer and never got a response (we had 17k subs). Then a few months later they contacted us after we did a collaboration with one of their partners (we then had 30k subs). I sent them a reply asking some questions and again got no response for over a month. So when I finally got a response, we were at the 37k sub mark. By the time we concluded our negotiations, we were over the 40k sub mark, so they paid dearly for their inaction. Funny how things work out. Losing our application worked out better for us because we grew fast enough to get a much better deal than what would have been offered to us over the summer.