Need help for commentary videos


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Jun 1, 2021
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Hello guys im new here,

I created a channel for a TV drama, and want to make commentary for this, but I'm stuck on video editing, I'm downloaded the original video, and I edited in lots on ways to not get copyright strike from owner, but every time get strike,

What I made changes in video

1. Frame ( Zoom in, Zoom out)
2. Color adjustment
3. Crop
4. Trim
5. Cutting in part of 15 secs,
6. Added there images in video
7. Applied serval effect layers
8. flip and mirror

Every possibility i tried, I spend 35hr hr in 4 days and exports 18 project but got only one time success but but time got same copyright strike,

Can somebody please help me, what i want to do know,

Thnx in advance