My number one video-recording tip!

How Do You Hold Your Smartphone When Recording Video?

  • Vertically (Up/Down)

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I am AMAZED at the number of people that still struggle with this!

Ok, but seriously. Is there a reason people continue to hold their smartphone vertically when recording? Do some phones not record in landscape mode?
I made an animation solely just to scream about this one thing that irritates me too. I did find an app that automatically rotates the video back to landscape, which is great to put on peoples' phones and say "hey, just use this app from now on, yeah?" - that solves a lot of problems.

Seriously though, I'm not sure people will ever learn. But then why would they I suppose? More content is being made for portrait consumption, and it's not like the built-in camera for Apple or Android reminds the user that they'll never be able to watch it properly on their TVs if they don't turn it.

Perhaps we need cameras that are on gyroscopes that automatically rotate to landscape no matter how you hold the phone...
if the editing is solid enough, a few seconds clip of a vertical video isn't that bad. if the entire video is like that, it's a real turn off.
it is so much easier to record sideways, the video doesn't have any black sides or cut off points when loaded into sony vegas :D having it sideways is easier to crop down and make it fit to whatever i want it to do :) its so easy to do :)
Couldn't agree more with OP.

I had some videos sent to me the day I shot my second video and they were 9:16 format... luckily enough for me I was able to zoom / crop the video for the 2 seconds I needed from it to 16:9 that the quality drop wasn't a huge issue. | NickDoddTV | twitter | instagram | YouTube
haha old thread I know but just saw it.
I made a big mistake a recorded more than an hour of video (computer build) in portrait mode.

It's a mistalke any sensible person makes only once :)
been thinking of this, sometime I run an Instagram story about upcoming video projects in the making, want to try doing it horizontally, also thinking of putting a poll on it weather viewers are annoyed by this because of having to flip their phones horizontally just to view it