Miniclip Games, Super Mario Bros Z, and missing libraries


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Just four more pieces of this puzzle and I'll be good to go.
Play the following:

Super Mario Bros. Z (both the original and remastered series), Tank Attack, River Raider, and Miniclip's Commando series games.

Listen to the sounds; they all share the same "anime-style" sound effects. So I bet the farm they must've come from the same library. But I'm stumped on which library or libraries to search for.

Next, half the libraries listed here are not available here:
So if you can find the remaining sites that are distributing the missing libraries from that fandom page, please do.

And it must come from a site like Source Audio or as these types of sites allow me to listen to every sound file so I know what I'm dealing with.

Finally, after looking in my folder that held the sound samples I downloaded from Sound Effects Fandom in detail view, I noticed the following: Anime, DePatie, DFE, Disney, Elektra Records, Famous Studios, FOX, Star Trek: Original TV Series, Joel Valentine, Hacienda, Hanna Barbera, Horta, Horta Hacienda, Alex Fresno, BBC, Bob Clampett, Harry Bluestone, Nickelodeon, Nelvana, New Warner Bros, NTWK, OMI, Pro Sound Effects, PSEL, Rocky and Bullwinkle, 20th Century Fox, Audio Effects Co., Rich Harrison, Mark Mangini, Richard L. Anderson, Skywalker, Warner Bros, Turner Entertainment, Unknown Sound Effects Library, and Valentino. If you can locate the sites that distribute these libraries and allow you to listen to each file sample like Source Audio, please do.

I must say, Alvin Earthworm has quite a fancy collection of sound effects.