Hello , My name is wolfywolfminecraft and I do minecraft videos on both PC and Xbox One. I use a Roxio HD PRO Capture card to record my Xbox one Gameplay. I also am very good at editing and I put a lot of effort into my videos. I usually take around 2-3 hours to edit one video. I love to have fun with my friends. If you would like to collaborate with me you must have a good microphone. A capture Card. Around 50 to 300 subscribers and around the age of 10-14.And you must have Minecraft or Ark Survival Evolved. (Ark on xbox one.) (Minecraft on xbox one or PC.)
So if you are interested to collaborate with me just reply to this. :)
Hey WolfyWolfMinecraft I'd be able to be a collaborate (play minecraft on pc) (I also have a teamspeak 3 server so we could talk while your recording) (I'm not sure exactly how much I'd be able to be there but I would love to help, also what age range do u want them to be in?), the only thing is i don't have a screen recorder so I would only be on your channel, is that okay? The youtube channel at the bottom didn't end up working so... xD
Age range is 10-14 Oh and I Could Recommend a Screen Recorder for you. It called Loilo Its very good Quality. So if you fit the range I would be happy to Collaborate :)
I would love to, the reason I don't have a screen recorder is because I don't have enough room on my computer, and I am in that age group, we could meet up on teamspeak?
Nope I don't have skype srry man, when do u want to meet and I was also wondering what time zone ur in because If we rnt in the same time zone We have to plan on getting together at different times