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My name is Stertrix and I have a gaming channel that is turning into a Minecraft channel. The one thing that I have really enjoyed about Minecraft is being able to collaborate on this game with other YouTubers and hopefully I'm not alone. What I want to do is create a small Minecraft group of about 10-15 active members. The main purpose of this group is to give PC Minecraft YouTubers the ability to give people the ability to form friendships through the game they enjoy playing. If this sounds like something you want to do comment down your discord name and I will add you as soon as I can. I would prefer to have people 13+ join because if under that age hard to relate with people.
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Hey I have a small youtube channel called TWGE i do gaming videos and i was looking for someone to collaborate with for xbox one i am currently playing a lot of ARK, Minecraft and Overwatch but i am open to play more and new games with someone
yeah, i'd join. (My discord: Asinellus#9470)

I've got a small channel where I do Minecraft and some mobile games. Only problem is I live in Australia so time zones might be hard to manage
Hi Stertrix, I'm interested in joining but is it a dedicated private server? What game type? Survival Vanilla?

Can I have my own plot of land to build kinda thing?

Oh Stertrix, I tried to visit your channel but your link doesn't work at the bottom of your signature. Maybe just missed a number or letter when copied and pasted that URL?

Thanks man!