Gaming Media Courtroom - Calling All Intrested Reviewers

Dec 6, 2015
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Hello Connectors,
My name is Maxim, and for over 4 years, I have been planning to make a series with other reviewers called "Media Courtroom". So what is it? It's a Phoenix Wright style fight/review where the Defense is the positive aspects of game, movie, etc. while the Prosecutor, is the negative. Now, I really want this series to be a thing, but I will need you guys requirement:
  • Determination for at least 1 episode/marathon: It can be difficult for all episode, I agree, but if you can do at least 1 episode or marathon for the series (Marathon example: Phoenix Wright Trilogy)
  • Opinion yet open minded person: You will accept all valid opinion unless you can counter that opinion with evidence and/or another aspect of opinion. However, you must accept my opinion if it's not valid enough unless you can prove it is, and vice versa.
  • Recording: I would prefer if you record your whole body till your hips, but it is not recommend. I will however, need you guys to record audio in as highest quality as you can, and send them to me. (I will do the editing)
  • Pre-debating with me: Basically debating with me to make a script via Skype.
  • Skype: Add me on Skype saying "YTTalk MediaCourtroom" - Theweirdomaxim
Now, I will make the script and everything, however, if you think some lines could be added, edited or removed, please let me know. Also you can change the way you speak that differs in script, but please make sure the content it says are the same.

Here are the media I am trying to do:
  1. Phoenix Wright Trilogy
  2. Any Japanese Anime (Besides Horror)
  3. Splatoon
  4. Others (Let me know if you have something we can do, though I can't promise I can buy games due to financial issue currently ^^'' )
Thank you for reading this, and see you soon! :)