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Mar 21, 2013
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Network Name:MakerGen ( RPM Network)

Time With Network: Over 1 Year

Review: The MakerGen network overall has been a Very good network and i have just renewed with them after they were purchased by Disney and they changed my share Values. All in all the network is pretty good and they offer a lot of tools and systems for there members.

Free Audio Library, Free T Shirt Stores Extra Revenue Streams and other small things like that. There is a LOT more new stuff coming soon

There support system has massively improved in the last Year and just about everything is available on the MakerGen Website. All your analytics your support page and your MakerGen Forum all in there so its like a 1 stop shop for everything YouTube.

They have recently also changed the amount you have to earn back to monthly instead of the requirement of $50 so newer members get the change to get there money to do giveaways or advertising for there channel.

They also offer a lot of ways for your videos to get out to audiences that you would not normally reach by doing lots of daily and weekly videos on there site that you can enter in by facebook and twitter for example ( sorry i cant remember all the names of them maybe someone could comment on them below.

Social Media: There social media is very good and there is plenty of things going on on all of them including weekly youtube guides on all manners of things how to's and stuff like that and as a MakerGen partner you can join in any time you like.

If You Want To Get off to a great start or get onto the next ladder MakerGen or RPM is the place to go and starting Contracts Are for 1 Year and i think its a 60/40 Split

So covering all that above thats there huge positives However it would not be a full review if i did not tell you the negatives.

The Forum:
some posts require approval before they go live and whoever is doing it just never seems to be around in GMT time zones and super slow any other time.

There is not a live chat on the forum and the messaging system is not the best. Also the alerts on there are also pretty poor unlike here.

The Support:
Well as i said above its pretty good but its on a ticket system and there is NO live support and if your in GMT time dont expect a response fast or when your awake. by time they reply its back in USA time and then the cycle starts again.

And I am pretty sure none of the support team are YouTubers so its very basic questions only

The Help They Offer You:
Well this is all i will say "Its Your Job To Grow Your Channel" If and when i ever see them help me or a smaller channel i will update this review. They Will However always tell you how there Big Money makers are doing.

Free Stuff:

Well there could be more.Maybe An Intro creator or a Thumbnail creator or some tools to help you with specific videos and keywords.
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