Maker Gen/ RPM Network Review

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Jul 1, 2013
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Network Name: Maker Gen/ RPM

Time With Network: 2 years

Total Contract Renewals: 2

As shown above I have been with RPM/Maker for 2 years and I have had ups and downs. When beginning my tenure with them I had a false perception of what an MCN can and will do for your YouTube career. much like anyone out there that doesn't know any better I thought that they would catapult me into youtube stardom, which is the furtherest thing from reality. But I can't say that they haven't provided me with a platform to be seen by my peers; early on I was featured on the networks channel series RPM Spotlight and I gained a couple hundred subs and a good amount of views from this which was a great experience in itself. Then I realized that my channel is pretty small and I was making more money just using adsense being that the financial reporting for RPM/Maker has been inconsistent, even while typing this post now I don't know what my numbers are for September/October and we are half way into November now. But with a recent change in the creator tools they have managed to hold on to me for a little longer. They recently gave us access to a social management tool called EPOXY which helps us manage our twitter, subs, instagram and Facebook fan page. Using it I am able to schedule tweets and see who my most active followers/ fans are and what their reach is as well. Needless to say this is a great tool to have we also have direct access to Spreadshirt which allows us the ability to create apparel and accessories with our branding. Now some of the services provided are normally paid but as a partner they FREE and everyone likes free. I can honestly say that my experience has not been a bad one and that when going into a partnership with an MCN be sure to have the right expectations and don't stop working.

Support Rating: Ticket system is pretty poor and slow to react but they are quick to reply to emails. 3/5 rating

Features Rating: Features listed above are pretty nice, other features include Epidemic audio, Fiverr account and network forums 5/5 rating.
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