Make Quick $100 a day with YouTube shorts & Amazon

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We all know anyone who has an internet connection has at some point bought something from Amazon or at least know its a platform they can get just about anything they need

Actually According to similar web Amazon is hitting over 2 billion visitors a month and as you can see most of the visitors are coming from direct linking
Build your own online business" solution without having to worry about creating a website, blog or have any tech skills by leveraging the power of YouTube as a search platform.

Now YouTube shorts on the other hand is already known for generating views on any topic or niche

with just over 5 million channels world wide, so there is is enough space to take advantage of this traffic or views generation machine

Just take a look at the number of views some of the shorts videos are generating and if i may add within a very short time

Your job as a creator now is to put these two power houses together and start making some quick commissions in just 3 steps

- In this video I am going to show you how to find trending Amazon products that people are interested in buying

- I will also show you different ways to find related product videos to use when creating your shorts videos....That means you don't need to show your face or record your voice in the shorts videos you will be creating

its all basically a copy and past video scenario and the best part is that the videos are free off any copyright claims

- Now if you keep watching to the end of this video, I will also be sharing with you some cool hacks you can use to start getting views to your shorts videos

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