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Dec 20, 2014
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Network Name: Machinima

Time With Network: 3 Months

Total Contract Renewals: 0

I have only seen one review on Machinima from a guy with a larger channel so here is a perspective from a smaller channel...

If you don't know Machinima is one of (if not) the biggest gaming networks. with more then 13k youtube gaming channels signed with them, and they can boast to having huge channels such as W2S and GONTH amongst many other large channels.

However from a smaller channels perspective (i had 5 subs when i signed up to there talent contract 3 months ago) I can safely say they have not done anything for my channel. It turns out that if you have a small channel you are better off signing to another network - or waiting a few months to see how well your channel will do/ how you as a youtuber evolve. To date i have seen NO help with promotion or anything from their point of view you could state that as my channel is small (in there eyes) why would they promote it? A typical channel which they promote has around 40k subs.

Personally I stopped putting their intros in my videos as to be honest i dont really see any real point. The talent contract i signed (and thousands of others sign) see Machinima take a whopping 60% of all advertising/commercials revenue. I personally do not do my videos for profit more the fact I like to make funny videos.

I very regularly forget that i am actually partnered with Machinima (not a good sign) and my Talent contract is for 3 years (with an opt out in 7 months time) at that point i will definatly negotiate better terms, as the whole point of joining a gaming network is for the network to benefit you. I have seen and spoken to alot of gaming channels who are just happy to be a part of Machinima with none of the benefits - which i find very confusing. I guess they want to be "yes men/women" all their lives which i do not.

In conclusion I DO think Machinima are a good network to be with IF you have a channel with a decent view and sub rate. HOWEVER for new gaming youtube channels look elsewhere! Or wait until a gaming network contacts you and always negotiate for the best deal to suit you.

Support Rating: 2/10 (which from my point of view is reasonable)
Features Rating: 7/10 Machinima Console is actually really easy to use.
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