Gaming Looking to mess around and record on PC?


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Hey! I'm a small time youtuber with around 250 subs just looking to d**k around and have some fun times while playing mainly mobas on pc like league of legends and smite casually (fair bit of warning i am s**t at both of them, which is why i think it'll be funny) I'd like to record with people around my age range in the 14-17 range but as long as you're cool it doesn't really matter, friends are friends and content is content.. Also fair bit of warning when i play games 95% of the time i'm relaxed and having fun but when i get tilted while playing online games it pisses me off and makes for some great moments.

Requirements (more like preferences):
1.Decent quality mic
2.great and funny personality/moments
3.Know how to take a joke
4:just be cool and don't be a jackass
5.Preferably be 14-17 but if you're chill it don't really matter
6.Be located in NA (just for connections sake)
7.Just speak English (required but by now if you've read this far there's a damn good chance you speak English)

I'd mainly like to play mobas Like league of legends and smite for fun and funny moments rather than competitively but do own and will play the following as well:
Killing Floor 2
Titanfall 2
The Division
Payday 2
Left 4 Dead 2
And Paladins

Will also be playing new games from e3 that i'm hyped for like MH world and AC origins

If you're interested in having a grand old time then just contact me via either Skype or Discord

Skype: PressCForChicken
Discord: PressCForChicken #0349

GG WP hope you'll help!

BTW if my name didn't tell it my name is Press C For Chicken on Youtube if you want to look it up ;)
Yo! I got a group full of people just like you and I wanting to screw aroung on MOBAS and s**t if you're interested add me on skype @ Frolace