Looking to become a full-time editor! (Paid).


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I'll cut to the chase; I hate my mundane 9 - 5. I love working on my Youtube channel and putting out content. I love editing videos, especially any IRL footage/comedy/skits, etc.

If anyone is looking for a full-time editor, as long as I make enough to pay the bills, I'll fill the role. Obviously we'd have to transition into it, so I'd love to start by working on some vids every week rather than full-time to see if we can fit each other's styles well.

I edit with Vegas 18, on my custom rig. I can easily work on 60fps1080p videos, and I can work with 4k but my machine takes much longer to get those edited/rendered.

I can:
- Cut/splice/sponge clips to piece together the most entertaining pieces (Good for: Let's Plays, podcasts, etc)
- Do color correction/grading to fit a desired mood or aesthetic
- Keyframe effects (animations of prerendered sources or effects, such as tracking censors, etc.)
- Some basic audio enhancing (still learning audio editing)
- Language censoring if needed
- Create thumbnails in photoshop (using already provided materials)
- Run the uploads and scheduling of them

You can check out my recent vids in the Youtube on my profile for a feel of how it is. If you have a large channel that is becoming profitable for you (or a full-time editor is in your budget) then I'm your man! I'd love to switch my job to editing so I can enjoy work everyday and hone in my skills to someday apply to my own projects even more. Along with the position, I can also work on Twitch clips if you need, or moderate.

This is a job I'm looking for so it has to be paid. I can start off part-time right now (2-3 vids a week, more if they're simple let's plays) but again, my aim is to become full-time for someone!
You can shoot me a DM here or on my Discord: SenpaiJake#2416
Message me for more details! I'll gladly answer any questions!
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