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Hey so im Matt, tried this site a few times but hoping one of these days something good will come out!

About me
I'm 23 from England, have been making videos for years mainly gaming videos across a few different channels and also have streamed on twitch for a while. I make a multitude of different gaming videos so I'll be up for anything really. I only really play on PC so that's the limiting factor although I know a lot of games are becoming cross-platform anyway. I try and capture funny moments through my games or occasionally ill test different videos. On my channel, i currently have 724 subscribers and 30 videos not including shorts. I strive to try and make the best quality videos i can. I also as mentioned uploaded shorts, TikTok and Instagram reels. So I try to stay active on multiple platforms.

What I'm looking for
I'm looking to put together a group of people to record with at least every week or so, have a laugh and not take the games super seriously. The main goal is to make a few mates and show how funny our gaming can be.

  • Be active on social media
  • Create videos yourself
  • Have editi9ng experience (I'm no world-class editor but so long as its obvious you put the effort in)
  • Decent mic quality
  • 18+
  • ideally be from England or speak strong English (sorry I'm not bilingual lol)
  • Be confident enough to have some banta or a joke I've got thick skin

That's all, so if you're interested ill leave my channel below for you to take a look at, either message me on here or the best place to get me is my discord just message me and let me know you're interested!

My channel:
My discord: Vorriio#1655
My Twitter: @Vorriio
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Hey dude,

A friend and I were looking to create a new group of YouTube friends to record and hang out with. I'm a gaming content creator, primarily focused on creating content in the funny moments genre and my friend does the same. My friend has around 230 subs, and I have 1.07k. We had a good group of talented, funny, chill individuals who we met right here on this very website, but I unfortunately ruined that with immaturity and let emotions get in the way of several amazing friendships. It's almost been 4 years now since we stopped talking and I have done a lot of growing and maturing since then. I know this post was created a while ago, but if you're still interested in collaborating, my friend and I would love to do a video with you. You can find our channels here: ,