Comedy Looking for one YT'r to do a scripted drama series


I have around 70 subscribers and I am looking for one person to do a scripted drama series. This series will be released as FAKE and or SCRIPTED after it is over. It will last 2 weeks. The plot is that I will work with one person to make a video project, you (the person I pick) will release an announcement releasing the project after we made an agreement to not talk about it until the project is finished. I will then post a video titled "THE (your name) RANT" and that will start beef between us, one day later, you will post a video titled "MY REACTION TO THE (your name) RANT!" and if you don't know how to make a reaction video, make a video titled "My Responce to TheFluciFial" The two weeks prior will just be videos consisting of agruments between us, we will leak fake twitter DM's and/or skype chats, and then at the last video titled "Psycho Kid Gets Sued" which will go on my channel. At the end of that video, we will release the REAL skype chats and/or DM's we have talking about the REAL project (the scripted drama series) And we will have a recorded skype call saying "THIS WAS FAKE." After that video, we may or may not post a video titled "THE MAKING OF THE DRAMA SERIES" which will be you and I talking about planning the series and talking about how we did it. That is basically my whole plan. If you are interested in doing this project with me, respond OR email me at:

Thank you,

PS: I am only twelve and I hope to find a person that is around 12-14 in age and ready to commit to this project and will not say its fake til the very end. I am also open to changing the plan if you have better ideas! Thanks![DOUBLEPOST=1471399065,1471398419][/DOUBLEPOST]PS: This is to spread awareness on how people flack to drama. It is to promote our channels, and it will prove that people love drama.
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