Request Looking for Musicians for CGI Web series


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Dec 27, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I'm a 24 years old french graphist, and I'm making a web series. We are two on that project, The scenarist, a 20 years old american girl and me. We are both living in Paris but I have no problem with work by distance.
I can't pay for this because it's a project I'm doing on my free time. I have for ambition to stop my actual job and start full time career about make my own videos. So if every thing is going well I'll do my best to give profit to all my co-workers.
It's kind of a big and serious project so that's why I need someone who can do maybe one song every 2 episodes. It will take time and investisment.

The first season should be available on youtube on march 2016 with 10 episodes, one every monday.

If you need some arguments to trust in my youtube experience, here a video I did with some friends as graphist and director :
And a short that we received an award at "festival de Canne" as "best studiant CGI" :

If you are interested and want more informations, send me an e-mail on with some of your musical work and I'll send you more informations with pictures and videos about the project.

PS : I hope my english wasn't that bad, I'm still working on it.[DOUBLEPOST=1451246791,1451246630][/DOUBLEPOST]I realised I can't post links, I duno why, so if you want them, asked it in the mail. Sorry for dat.