Gaming Looking for Minecraft PC YTbers!


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Hey Guys!

What I'm looking for may sounds kind of specific, but it's something that everyone needs to start/continue doing in their YouTube channel!

First of all, I am looking for those to collab Minecraft with.
(DISCLAIMER: That does not mean i'm just going to throw out my skype and collab with everyone!)

I am looking for those specifically with not certainly rough qualifications, but just someone who genuinely has fun playing.

None the less, here are some things I add:
1. Please at least be 13-14 years old!
- I say this not because I hate all of you, but because you really need to have a mature sounding voice, not a little kid talking! That goes a long way on your viewers! And sometimes they can get annoying and inmature :p
2. You need to show excitement!
- Now alot of you would immediately check this down saying "oh yeah, I have this" but honestly, 80% of MC Ytbers I see that are rising up don't have this excitement/energy. If you don't know what i'm saying, go watch all the popular MC Ytbers. Not one of them sound unexcited/disinterested in what they are doing. That can come across with your viewers. Don't make it sound fake either!

With me personally, I have no preference on amount of subscribers you have as long as you have these above qualifications, you will grow if you have these things.

Lastly, if you are interested, please leave a link to your channel below. I will do my best to contact you, or give you advice on your channel!

If you want to see mine, please search tennesseerocksmb and you will find it!
(Video Quality still improving, that is one thing I lack to keep in mind!)

Thanks in Advance!
Hey I would like to collab with you. I can't post the link because I can't but just search up Fichee slays and you should be able to find my channel. I am 15 years old.