Looking for gaming commentary feedback. Thank You!


Hello, I've been on YouTube as a creator for a couple of years now and I'm really wanting to take it to the next level.

I mainly create commentary videos on small indie games for a niche audience.

I'm currently sitting at a 2.7k subscriber mark with 140k views. My efforts towards increasing my SEO authority seem to be not working that well. Most of the time, I obtain decent views on a video but almost no one subscribes. My upload schedule is a 2:3 ratio for videos to weeks.

I'm looking for any advice I could use to make my content more appealing to subscribe to.

Here is the video that I'm looking for feedback on:

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You have some good commentary skills as well as the audio blend well with the voice. Somehow when I watch the videos, it doesn't interest me. Maybe because it really boring to look at? Should find something much more fun especially action games. Do you play any games? If so, you could give Vanquish, Devil May Cry or any fast paced action games. People normally like to see that especially if you are a skillful player. That just my suggestion.