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To clarify on the "friends" above, I want to get close with said people I record with before actually recording, since that usually creates better chemistry for the actual recording session.
I've got a lot of games and not a lot of youtubers to record with, I'm looking to make montage-esque videos focused on some dark-ish humor, I can send an example if requested.

for a list of games
ultimate chicken horse
duck game
castle crashers
portal 2
golf with your friends
shellshock live
battleblock theatre
rocket league
move or die
plague ink evolved
garry's mod
civilization V
cannon brawl
don't starve together
lethal league
rivals of aether
rock of ages
and any other free to play multiplayer title (unless I choose to not play it XD)
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Sounds like an awesome idea. My name is RJ. Send me a message on Skype: RDJDJRJ

I'll admit, the dark humour was the draw in for me. Cards against humanity style, i like it xD
I have 12 of the 19 games listed. I am interested in a potential recording session.
Discord Tag: Alter1994#1975
Why Hello there! My name is Riseofkira also known as Gears, Kira, Rise & sometimes "Dumbass" I am what you call...."f*****g Crazy" in the sense If we were to talk at some point I will just drift off into some other crazy s**t that I won't remember what I even said a few hours later....if that makes sense. I am a man of a ****** sense of humor, I remember laughing at some s**t that would make me look like an ******* for sure. BUT ANYWAYS! Enough about my past and who I am, I am here to ask of you if you would let me Hang out with you to see our comedy/personalities mesh well for us to record in the future I am a mix of both Console & PC gaming channel but I don't have the best PC so I can't play many AAA games, I am in a state with my channel where I have been talking a break so when you look at my channel you will see a HUGE gap of content. I am going to make a return soon I have recorded a little already for my return. But the time I have not been on my channel I have been on others practicing my craft so that is good. I am going to send this unlisted video of I guess a mini montage to show you how my voice is & a little of how I am, NOW! These clips are a mix of stuff from my channel & other peoples channels I have been in and some are years apart so keep that in mind also. I guess that is it If you would like to try me for size contact me on discord

[ Riseofkira#2616 ]

I just realized I can't post links so....just ask for it when you contact me.
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