Request Looking for a new channel banner


Hello, I'm looking for someone to make me a custom youtube banner. I'm trying to change up my style a little bit. I'm a returning youtuber with 2k subs. If you do want to do it, Add me either on my snapchat : Capps2112 or just shoot me a dm on here. I'll msg you details, when you msg me. But Its not going to be really hard. P.S I don't have much money but I can give a shout out, and or give the little money I do have saved up.

My youtube channel Is :
Yea i like it but I don't play those games as much.I have a better idea for my art. But it'd be great to find someone else make a better one :p
Hey man i can do you some GFX, dm me on twitter @ExodusGFX_[DOUBLEPOST=1508180722,1508180649][/DOUBLEPOST]if you dont have twitter just reply to me on this