List Of YouTube Tag Videos

I think they are called Tag videos like the childrens game 'tag you're it' because at the end of the videos your spose to tag other people who you want to answer the questions or do the challenge lol but im not sure.
This is awesome! Great ideas, but not a lot of gaming type channels. Is that a thread somewhere else?
But other than that, I think Story Time is a tag now. Where people send youtubers a short story and it gets read in a video.
I've done the Fangirl Tag and the Get to Know You Tag (I still can't put in links.)

If you can't find them or need the questions, let me know and I'll try to find the articles I got them from. (I know I got the first one from Quotev.)
Can you hear me now challenge!
i cant put this link to show an example, theres a video on our channel though and its fairly recent:)
Here's a new luxury tag: Happy Hermes Tag from Winnie! Honestly I think you can put in your own twist to it, and modify the tag to any other brand, like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, or just any brand you like! Remember to let me know if you are using this tag! :D
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