Lets Play vs. Video Walkthrough


I Love YTtalk
What did you prefere? I know its trendy to make an letsplay.

but actually i thought about do just gaming videos. without my voice. so the viewer could enjoy the game ...

surely there are pros:
  • like less stress,
  • video size got lesser (cause of no second audio data)
  • therefor faster upload
  • no sound issues/problems and so on
whats youre opinion with that?
I do lets plays with my my voice over. I tend to find them more entertaining because I mainly watch vids for the personality not the game. The game is more like a backdrop to a personality. I say this but I think I have a terrible personality so why I do it I dont know lol
I would say that yes, there would be less stress and smaller file sizes and such. But, in retrospect, what would make you unique to other channels if you did that? I would rather listen to a commentary then just watch a game, being able to watch just a game here and there is good. Especially in important parts of the game, such as endings, boss fights or plot twists. But sometimes, you need the commentary to keep them interested.

In the end, it's purely up to you. But, I would suggest keeping to the Lets Plays :)
I prefer to watch walkthrough only. But I also watch some lets plays if I want to check some detail of the new games.