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Hey guys! I'm trying to be more active on my channel's FB page.
Please give it a like and leave yours here too so I can check them out :D

Just liked your page, ia ctually watch your videos cause im subscribed as well and followed you on instagram. jut because i like seeing all the trip videos that you uploads.

check out mine https://www.facebook.com/Coki-Talk-534940503347330/****=hl
I like your page. A lot of great content about Japan. Always wanted to go!
(except I'm 6ft 3' and white, so I would stick out like a sore thumb)

Here is my/our Facebook and Twitter pages.

I mean, TBH, we're a group of five guys that do a lot of video game footage, BUT we also do a lot of outside Go-Pro videos and other commentary, so you never know; there may be a gem in there somewhere.