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Derrick Toys

Happy Kids Happy Life!
Hi, seeking a kid friendly logo for our family channel - Kids Fun Reviews in exchange for Yttalk cash. Currently I have bubble letters but looking for a more professional look with a border ( cartoon tv or colorful circle - with name inside)

Creative Logo that stands out to grab kids attention :) First time requesting and would like to see your art prior to agreement, thanks!
I can't but I know a few things about this topic. If you want you can use Panzoid to create a new one. If you have the coin then you can pay this guy called Adam Pike, I would link his website but URLs aren't allowed. He's a graphical designer that's a professional. I can't create one for you because I do not run a kid's channel so I don't know what and wouldn't appeal to kids. Good luck with your YouTube adventure! -The Potato Guy
Hi there, I have some experience with Adobe illustrator and might be able to help you out. I made my sons cartoon character logo. What can you buy with ytt cash? I'm new here so don't know much about it! :help:
I have no idea how it works with YT cash but it's an option to get more benefits on the forum. I'm going to purchase photoshop I think it's my missing puzzle piece!