Jumpcuts VS No Jumpcuts?

Jumpcuts or no jumpcuts?

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Jump Cuts by definition belong to the same take. A well executed jump cut moves the action forward to tell the story without dwelling on repetition. That being said, jump cuts belong to the realm of action cutting-- until VLogging became a medium. When the news would jump cut, people would become nervous-- keep that in mind, the audience wants to maintain suspension of disbelief while taking in new ideas. Visible edits displaying the gaps in the radio edit will make an audience reject the information as manipulated. It's best to cut away when a radio edit demands a jump cut. If the cut away is irrelevant to the narrative, this is referred to as a "cat in the window shot". I leave you with that term for further research. Good cinematic examples of jump cutting can be found in the work of Christopher Nolan (e.g. Memento, The Following) , good rhythmic examples of jump cutting are a standard of The Lonely Island (e.g. Just Two Guys)