joining a network


Hello everyone. Considering the fact that I am really close to 100 subs I decided to join the network of Awesomeness TV, considering that I always loved their job and their content and they have a really good history considering people who joined this network.
The question that I have is if it is worth it joining and I also would like to know some negative things about the network so therefore I can have a clear view of both of the sides of the coin.
Btw I have already submitted the application and they have accepted it. The only thing left for me to do is to sign the contract that they sent me
From the reviews I've read just from an initial search. It doesn't look good. Seems to be one of those networks (like most) who will accept anybody just to take a portion of their very small revenue but they don't do much to help you grow... But I only looked into the first few reviews listed. I'd recommend doing a google search of "Awesomeness TV review" and reading results from channels around your size. Good luck with your decision either way! =]
Dont join.
A network is just like buying something. With your ad money you are buying their help. How much money do you make of youtube ? How much will the network get of of that ? Maybe 50 cents. Thats exactly how much they will give you in personalised help. Nothing.
I'm going too join scalelab network when the time comes for me too join one. : ) best to look at the top networks list and choose one with no or short term contract and a high revenue share so you dont give all your money away and also make sure too look at benefits, you want to get the best benefits you can along with the other stuff. remember you are the creator, you CAN do it without them so they need you not vice versa but alot of Networks take youtubers for granted so make sure they are offering enough.