Vlog Indian YouTuber in Gujarat, India

I am a co-producer for a Youtube channel called Easy Languages, a channel with just under a million subscribers that makes content for language learners. I personally am responsible for making videos for Gujarati learners. I'm very passionate about Gujarati language education and want to do my part to promote this language. This project with Easy Languages is one of the steps I'm taking to provide resources for those interested in learning it.

I am looking for someone who lives in Gujarat, India to help with these videos. I personally live in Canada, so there are certain types of videos that I am unable to shoot. For example, I would like to do street interviews with local Gujaratis passing by outside about day-to-day topics. This would be done entirely in Gujarati so that the people watching the videos would get an opportunity to practice their listening comprehension.

At this point in time, you would be volunteering. I am looking to get some funding for the project and to set up a Patreon later down the line. I would be able to pay you if/when I am able to earn any income. You do not need any previous experience with video production, as long as you're willing to learn :) You would, however, need to have a professional editing software (preferably Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut) and a DSLR camera. It would also be good if you have a smartphone capable of recording audio OR a microphone.

If you're interested in discussing this further, please message me on Instagram or Facebook. My username is @polyglotazren.

Thank you!

Azren the Language Nerd