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Apr 1, 2019
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Hey all I'm HazzMan4Ever and I'm here to discuss collabs and a project that me and a good friend of mine that goes by the name of KattyMeel on YouTube have been working on since May 2nd of last year. First things first I'm sure you may have seen some posts in the past mentioning The Squaddy Squad if you've not well let me explain it to you. As I said at the start me and my good friend KattyMeel have been working on this I guess you could say collaborative project for quite some time now the reasoning behind making it was to find people in the youtube gaming community and to pretty much collab with them and to hopefully build the project to form some what of a YouTube collaborative community in a way. No matter the size of the channel we will welcome all as we're not the biggest of channels ourselves. The Squaddy Squad so far has gained up to around about 15 members I know it's quite a slow process at building things up but slowly but surely we'll get to a stage where we wanna be. We aren't looking to be famous on youtube or anything we just wanna have fun have a laugh whilst making content for YouTube.

Some of the games that we've been playing recently have been

* Minecraft
* Shellshock Live
* Cards against humanity
* Worms W.M.D
* Golf it & Golf With Your Friends

Ok so the collabs part of this post is now. We're currently looking for more people that may be interested in joining us and doing some collabs. We don't have many requirements as again our channels aren't the biggest we aren't gonna ask that you have like a million subs or anything XD so let me mention the requirements they will be below vvvvvvvvvvv

* Must of course have a YouTube channel (any channel size welcome)
* Must have Discord (LOL who doesn't)
* Must have steam (again who doesn't)
* Don't be a mean to others
* Must have a good enough Mic
* Oh and I should have mentioned in all the info above that we're looking for ages 16 - 20 (around there-ish XD)
* Edited this one it but I should have mentioned also most members are from the UK and US (If you're close to any timezones you're welcome to join)

With all that being said if you're interested in joining feel free to contact me over on Discord. My Discord name is HazzMan4E#4130
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