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What I've been noticing going on a lot recently is very small YouTube channels giving up and just droping out of YouTube all together and as a channel with on 30 subs I've been feeling the same way as well.. So I challenge you in three words what could you tell a small channel that could encourage them to keep on going even though the results they want aren't yet visible.

(you can explain your words)
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Practice makes perfect

If you want to improve yourself, you should keep making videos. Every single video is another step to improving yourself
Learn from experts

Instead of blaming this and that on why you're not growing, learn from credible experts who know what they're talking about. Remember "success leaves clues." Watch their videos, study their SEO like titles, tags, descriptions, how they promote, their thumbnails, study everything! Then don't stop there, try to go one step further and do better and make it original. As for who to study, don't look at channels who have millions of subscribers, as they may have grown at a different era and they're probably not practicing proper SEO and what new Youtubers should be doing. Instead, find channels prferably similar to yours that have grown rapidly the past few months or year. They're the ones you should be picking apart.
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Keep on pushing.

All big youtubers has been a small youtuber at one point. You have to keep uploading and keep doing it. You have to love youtube and realize that it's going to take time, it won't happen over night.
I can do it in 6 words - How bad do you want it? :)

YouTube success, like success in other fields, requires work and it's not always sunshine and rainbows. It's all about motivation, self-discipline, belief and sacrifice. Talent isn't enough. Hard work beats talent when talent isn't working hard. Just think the next generation of YouTube sensations are out there right now somewhere working hard. Are you working as hard as they are? :)
You cannot quit Youtube it will haunt you anyway.

Numbers mean nothing if you are having fun.

Watch Roberto blake for real advice on creativity and Youtube!
Work pays off.

This is something I keep telling myself. As a small YouTuber I'm hoping to get to 100 subscribers soon, but sometimes it can be easy to just think "why am I bothering?" or to look at the lies of PewDiePie and Jenna Marbles and think that you'll never get there. Sure, the chances of ever being as big as them is slim but they also had to start somewhere. The biggest YouTubers started with 1 subscriber.