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Sep 5, 2013
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The moderators (@KatyAdelson and @Riddikore) and I have noticed a growing number of members who seem to be mass posting in the introductions and milestones forum.

Mass-posting / binge posting (for whatever reason) in any part of the forum is not allowed.

Also, many of those posts are very similar and are being made in quick succession.

Of course it's normal to welcome a couple of new members and congratulate 1 or 2 members every now and again but it is a problem when that is practically the only place someone is posting.

It's spam and also an abuse of our cash system.

Any members caught doing this will have their posts deleted, their cash removed and will receive infraction points. In some cases, you will be temp-banned for 2 weeks without notice.

As a guideline, if more than 30% of your posts are in the introductions and milestones forums (combined), then you are mass-posting in those sub-forums.

There are plenty of other sub-forums to post in. There are loads of interesting threads and tutorials and discussion that will really help you grow your channels.

Moderators will use their discretion as to what action needs to be taken on a case by case basis and they have my full support on this matter.

Thank you for reading.


Not open for further replies.