Meet Up/Gathering Im Human Project


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Dec 24, 2013
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hello everyone,

my name is Sedrick and I want to create and inspirational video to uplift the people with insecurities about themselves. I need your help. Just submit a video to me by August 1, 2014 and you are guaranteed that you submission will be in then final project. The guidelines are below:

Record yourself (with any camera) holding a sheet of paper that has something that you dislike about yourself or something that you are picked on for. It should be a complete sentence. Hold it in front of the camera with your face showing for ten seconds. Then flip it over. on that, it should say But Im Human. Hold that up for ten seconds.

That's it. You can email the video to the format should be mp4 or mpeg4 and the subject line shoud have your name followed by " Im Human" also send your link for you channel so I can credit you.

I look forward to working with all of you all to help inspire the nation.

Thank you in advance,
Sedrick K. Benton