iGamer HD Gaming Background with PSD


I Love YTtalk
Here is our newest background from PimpMyChannel.com, its for gamers and the text can be customised to your needs, one has a PS3 and the other an Xbox 360 Slim so you have the choice.

The files are linked below and here is the preview:


Xbox 360 iGamer
PS3 iGamer

If anyone just wants the iGamer text kept on you can download it here:


If anyone would like someone to edit the text post a request here and either we or another member will help you out :)

Glad you like it, if enough people like it we will be releasing it in a bunch of colours although the colours are very easy to change in Photoshop.
Are you saying you would like this made with your clan tag on it and as the PS3 version yeah? If so let me know and it will be done very fast.
Custom and me editing the text on the iGamer background are two different things, which one would you like as I not sure what you're after?

If you are after a custom background or icon (photo) for your channel post a new request thread inside this forum for whatever graphics youre after and I am sure someone will help you out:


To upload your background please watch the video below: