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If I get 3 more SUBSCRIBERS I will do a youtube competition!

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I Love YTtalk
Hey guys it is me ToxicGallagher and well when I hit 25 subscribers (I know it isn't much but still) I will host a competition with prizes being.

50 yttalk cash
promotion on my featured channel

I need 3 more subs to do this. If you want to be in it, then subscribe.[DOUBLEPOST=1343496246][/DOUBLEPOST]The competition will be like this. All the names of the 25 subscribers will go into a hat and I will pick a name out at random. If it is you, get in touch to claim your prize.
Well I plan to do a lot of competitions when I get subscribers. That way it will encourage people to subscribe. I am planning to do one at 25 subs, 50 subs and 100 subs. Not sure beyond that but I am sure I will work it out.
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