Vlog I want to make friends and meet more vloggers

Lets chat and be friends! Creep out my channel and message me if you want to be friends and stuff. also comment down below so I can find your channel and subscribe!
Hey man, im really wanting to collab with people, let me know if you ever need someone. I just launched this channel so i only have 1 video. Looking for other vloggers also.
I may be from the UK but if there's anything I can contribute to a collaboration then I'll gladly help out. :)
Just shoot me a message on YouTube :)
I always like collabs if you have any ideas!

Could try a video over Skype / Google Hangouts on British / American / Canadian slang. That's about all I can think of off the top of my head.
Swoozie uploaded a video a while ago called Love or Lust at first sight. The way he did that video with the Skype call etc and the different Camera views would be cool. Thoughts?
Doesn't have to be about Slang, if you can come up with anything else.